04 May 2010

Elites & Intellectuals Are Gullible

"The left can't stand the fact that Palin, like Reagan, isn't one of them.  Like Reagan, she is not an 'intellectual.'  She doesn't share what Thomas Sowell dubbed 'the vision of the anointed' -- progressive elitists' unshakable faith in their grandiose plans for regimenting our lives.  To leftist intellectuals, it's okay to have a president who thinks he visited 57 states, a vice president who has claimed that Franklin Roosevelt went on television to calm the people after the stock market crash of 1929 (no TV yet, and Hoover was president) and a Speaker of the House who has insisted that we must switch from fossil fuels to natural gas.  All ignorance, error, and mental dullness can be forgiven as long as one subscribes to the political catechism, 'The government must control economic activity.'" [And everything else, for that matter.]

More here at the American Thinker.


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MSimons said...

Yes sir they cry diversity and inclusion but if your differant from them and not Liberal or Leftist in any way they get out their knives of slander, lies and such to crush and ruin you. That is what is happening to Sara Palin.