24 May 2010

Front Porck Pickin' #6

We've missed posting our Front Porch Pickin' series the last two weekends so, to help us catch up, here's #6. This gospel music video features one of my daughters, and her husband who pastors a Baptist church in Canada. The wood cookstove behind them is how they heat their home and what my daughter cooks on. (For those who are interested in such things.) My son in law can play just about any instrument and is especially a fine banjo picker. My daughter's specialty is the fiddle. She also plays the guitar and piano.

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13thBama said...

God Bless Em! Canada could use a LOT more preachers. I fondly remember my Grandmother using her pot belly stove as a second cooking surface, when she didn't have a pot of water on it to humidify the air.