12 May 2010

States' Rights Trumps Progressivism

States' Rights is viewed positively by an overwhelming majority of Americans. There's hope. More here. Also, I found it quite interesting that the States' Rights category is very close to the Civil liberties category in being viewed positively. One could argue that the Confederacy's philosophical stand on States' Rights seems to have won the day (at least conceptually in the mind of the general public), despite the outcome of the WBTS. (The South lost the war, but won the argument - at least in part?) Family values leads all categories which, I'm sure, just tickles the elites and big government types to death.


Violet Clark said...

I guess what shocks me about this more than anything is the obvious distaste for capitalism and the word militia. As I am sure you know, we had a standing militia in this country for a number of years, and many of those units would become volunteer regiments in during the WBTS. I would assume these people peg the word militia with some weirdo whacko groups out there that do not wish to defend or protect the nation.

On a side note, I found your blog while searching for news on the casino in Gettysburg. This is an excellent site!

Violet Clark

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Thank you very much. I agree, I think you can blame the negative connotation associated with the term "militia" due to recent news and how the media tends to paint all militia groups. I saw another survey a while back on "Capitalism" vs. "Free Enterprise" and the contrast was striking w/ FE getting a very positive response. Some of this is a misconception of terms. Not all that surprising given the current condition of the education system in the U.S.

msimons said...

As a Minister I find the postive view of Family Values comforting.