24 May 2010

Texas Education Board Follow Up

A good piece on this subject, especially as it relates to the "wall of separation" - 

"Clearly, *what Jefferson was describing was not a rigid barrier between faith and public policy, but denominational allegiance by the state. As the Constitution says, the federal government was not to 'establish religion,' that is, to select a particular denomination as a national church. That’s all the wall is." 

So why are so many academics opposed to teaching students in public schools the facts?

More here.

*Jefferson's response was actually addressing the government's potential danger to the church, not the church's threat to the government. Neo-liberals, secularists, and statists have turned the phrase and its intent on its head.

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msimons said...

Because they Trust the SC Engel v. Vitale 370 U.S. 421 (1962),more than Jefferson and the founding fathers.

The Court and Academic society had joined together to brainwash America into believing this it the correct judgement of the Text and Intent of the FF.