23 June 2010

General McChrystal - "Lee Like"?

By sacrificing his career on principle?

"The interview of General McChrystal and his in Rolling Stone was not an accident, it’s a perfect  example of suicide by interview. . . McChrystal’s statements clearly point to the fact that he believes the war cannot be won under the President’s parameters, a tepid escalation to protect the president from his political supports. McChrystal  is clearly frustrated by  Barack Obama and his administration and finds it necessary to protect his men. He finds himself having to take radical steps to protect his troops . . ."

McChrystal's interview in The Rolling Stone (How appropriate) is causing quite a stir.

More here.

There is also some similarities to the folks on the other side of the Potomac:

"But it may actually be more comparable to a more chronic presidential leadership crisis — Abraham Lincoln’s dilemma during the Civil War, when he was forced to repeatedly reshuffle his general staff in the face of vacillating public opinion, insubordination and, above all else, uncertainty about how best to win a bloody war he couldn’t afford to lose."

More here.

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