03 June 2010

Kent Masterson Brown - Retreat From Gettysburg

If you've never had the privilege of hearing Kent Masterson Brown speak, you've missed a treat. I've had that privilege on two occasions (once at a Stephen Dill Lee Institute and once at Liberty University's annual Civil War seminar), and have always found Mr. Brown most informative and entertaining. I recently found a recording of the same talk I heard Brown give a couple of years ago. You can listen to that talk about General Lee and his retreat from Gettysburg here. This presentation was recorded at Lee Chapel in October of 2008.
It's well worth your time.


Scott Manning said...

Richard, that was a fascinating talk. The story of Gettysburg did not end with Pickett's Charge, but most do not know anything of the Army of Northern Virginia in the immediate aftermath. The battle was a defeat for Lee, but the retreat was a logistically success. I am going to order Brown’s book this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Scott. You're quite welcome. Yes, I thought it was very interesting. I didn't listen to this whole recording but, assuming he said the same thing as the other times I heard it, Lee actually accomplished one of his objectives in going North - resupply. Another interesting point that Mr. Brown brought up the time I heard him give this talk was the fact Lee felt it necessary to "hide" his stores due to his concern that command in Richmond would "redistribute" the spoils. How little governments change! ;o)

Once you finish the book, I'd like for you to submit a review here for my readers, if you're so inclined.

Anonymous said...

Mr Williams,

Thank you for posting that. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope to be back up to the valley for a visit in August.

Richard Hill
Lakeland, FL

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're welcome Richard.