04 June 2010

A Warrior's Heart

"The 1,000th American serviceman killed in Afghanistan was born on the Fourth of July. He died several days before Americans honor fallen troops on Memorial Day . . . 'He said he always wanted to die for his country and be remembered,' said Jesse Leicht, his younger brother. 'He didn't want to die having a heart attack or just being an old man. He wanted to die for something.'"

"He threw away a college ROTC scholarship after just one semester because he feared it would lead away from the front lines. 'His greatest fear was that they would tell him he would have to sit at a desk for the rest of his life,' said Jonathan Leicht, his older brother."

That last statement reminds me of something Stonewall Jackson once said about his service during the Mexican War:

"I was afraid the fire would not be hot enough for me to distinguish myself."

These men are most definitely of a different mettle than most.

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