24 July 2010

Academics Are Better Than The Rest Of Us

More elitism from academia and the ruling class:

"The institute has also been very good to Berwick personally. He received $2.3 million in compensation in 2008 (a figure that included retirement funds), and was paid $637,006 in 2007 and $585,008 in 2006. On top of that, investigators discovered a little-noticed paragraph in an audit report revealing that in 2003 the institute's board of directors gave Berwick and his wife health coverage 'from retirement until death.' Millions of Americans worry about securing coverage and paying for it. Berwick, who advocates rationing for the masses, will never be one of them."

Spread the wealth around (except theirs, of course.) Ration healthcare (except theirs, of course.) They are so morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us. Don't challenge the ruling class. Amazing to observe. Read more here.

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Brian W. Schoeneman said...

And he's going to go work for an Administration that intends to regulate the salaries and compensation packages of CEOs in the private sector because they're exorbitant.

Go figure.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Brian. As you well know, the ruling class is all about power and what they think best for the rest of us.

msimons said...

They need to be trimed aback a bit if you ask me and reminded of their rightful place. They act and sound like a spoiled child about 13 years old.