09 July 2010

Resurrecting Nullification?

The political concept of "nullification" is making a comeback. Fellow Virginian Thomas Jefferson's idea seems to becoming more and more popular as Washington is on a relentless march to control the lives of American citizens. Whether it's California's marijuana laws or **Arizona's illegal immigration law, states seem to be much more willing to take on the Feds. Though the various incidences occurring in the states have not been framed specifically as nullification, they certainly fit the mold.

Now comes a new book by historian Thomas Woods which discusses the history of nullification and affirms it's role in modern America. More here.

And, in related news . . . according to Democrat pollster and gadfly, James Carville, 55% of likely voters now view President Obama as a socialist. I wonder what planet the other 45% are from? Very strange times.

**Arizona's law is kind of a reverse application of nullification. Rather than rejecting a federal law, Arizona has actually mirrored federal law and taken the responsibility for what should be federal jurisdiction. How ironic.

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msimons said...

John C Calhoun is smiling from Heaven where he has forgiven Andrew Jackson and Jackson knowns that JC was right.

Nullification now and forever!