09 July 2010

Social Justice In Our Schools - Hurray For Karl Marx!

Hey there space cadets, just wanted to pass on this heartwarming information about more anecdotal evidence regarding radical leftist ideology which is not being promoted in our Nation's schools. Here's a great little resource for teachers who want to indoctrinate children using your tax dollars. And, as they attack capitalism all through their literature, they also practice quite a bit of it by selling bumper stickers and t-shirts here at Cafepress. (I guess they learned something useful from communist China, i.e. Communism and Socialism really don't work in the real world, so, if you can't beat 
'em . . . ) 

Some of their offerings are quite interesting, but not surprising: "Karl Marx - The Working Class Hero" and "John Brown the Martyr." Of course, our Socialist-in-Chief, featured on a t-shirt, is also available. Personally, I would have put Marx's image on the backside of the boxers since more and more Nations (the USA excepted) are "dumping" Marxist economic models.

But I've got to wonder, since they claim to believe in wealth redistribution and are opposed to capitalism, why don't they just give their products away?

(And don't forget to check out their really cool Che Guevara posters - get one for your kid's room today!) 

**Update: Social Justice in the Classroom, Social Justice in publc policy. Yes, Space Cadets, there is a correlation:
"Please don’t put your faith in market forces. It’s a popular idea that Adam Smith’s invisible hand would do a better job of designing care than leaders with plans can." ~ Donald Berwick, President Obama's appointee to oversee government healthcare.

Karl Marx would certainly agree with that sentiment, now wouldn't he? And yo, Mr. Berwick, yes Adam Smith's ideas were popular - with the Founders. And, yes, many Americans still have more faith in those ideas and principles than we do "Dear Leader(s)." Good Lord, the arrogance and elitism just drips from this man. All the while these Marxists espouse a command and control economy, there are real world examples all over the globe that they don't work. But please, don't confuse them with the facts. Most of these academics have little or no real world experience. Their philosophies are the product of classrooms, cubicles, and test tubes. "If just the right people were in control, then they'd work." They refuse to learn from history which, by the way, is the subject of an upcoming post.



Michael Lynch said...

If I run into any bloggers who've actually stated that radical leftist ideology is not being promoted in our nation's schools, I'll be sure to pass this information along.

In the meantime, one particular blogger points out once again that he merely questions the extent of said ideological promotion, and has never denied that it exists. He posted some survey and statistical data regarding teachers' political/religious affiliations and use of paycheck protection laws on his own blog some six or seven months ago, which might help to explain why he is not yet convinced that the sky is falling in.

I suspect he may be a bit offended by the "space cadets" remark, but takes consolation in the fact that it was probably not directed at him in particular. And even if it were, it would be but a trifling matter between two southern Christians such as yourself and him, so I'm sure he won't hold it against you.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

ML - it is a growing trend, whether or not you wish to accept that. You don't see any correlation between some of the ideals espoused on the referenced site and the current political structure in power? Do you actually believe that is coincidence? I find that absolutely astounding. I believe it is much more prevalent than do you, but more insidious than open - for obvious reasons.

I'm 52. When I was in the 12th grade, my government teacher told our class that communism was the best form of government. That was 1976 my friend in the conservative Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. That was the most radical statement I heard from her that I can recall, but after my conversion, and as I looked back on that class, much of her other statements seem to coalesce in my mind and convince me she was subtly promoting her radical worldviews in class. Just more anecdotal evidence, I suppose.

The fact that educators on the website featured in this post (and the others that Chris Wehner and I have noted), can openly promote such garbage with impunity is reason enough for concern. Now, before someone suggests otherwise - I'm not suggesting they be silenced. I do think it is legitimate to demand that the radicalism they espouse be diligently kept out of the classroom.

Moreover, the fact that most of your criticism regarding such radical ideology is directed at me for exposing it, rather than at those for promoting it, continues to puzzle me.

"Space cadets" was just a tongue in cheek term conveying the way I felt at the time that such stuff could be openly promoted - I feel sometimes like I've been abducted by aliens and transported to another planet or parallel universe.

Michael Lynch said...

I've never denied nor affirmed any connection between this sort of thing and the current political structure in power, nor that such ideas are more prevalent than they used to be. I've denied that most teachers are leftist kooks, and that's about it.

As to whether or not it's a coincidence, I have no idea. There have been leftists before 2010, and there will likely be leftists again. (Given the administration's recent approval ratings, I doubt there will be quite so many in Congress come November, but that's another story.)

I've voiced my disapproval of a politicized classroom in a number of places on different occasions. In fact, I'm as skeptical of attempts to engineer society from above as anybody.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"I've denied that most teachers are leftist kooks, and that's about it."

And I have agreed with that. Again, I believe the whole "social justice" issue is more insidious than anything, though I maintain it is a growing influence.