01 July 2010

Veterans vs. Academics

As a blogger who often posts commentary relating to our military and military history, I receive frequent emails requesting links, endorsements, commentary etc. I simply can't respond and accommodate all of them, but I do read and consider their requests. I recently received one which dovetails into my frequent criticism of certain types of academics. So, with that in mind . . . 

"I have serious concerns about Elena Kagan’s actions toward the military, and her willingness to myopically focus on preventing the military from having institutional and equal access to top-notch recruits at a time of war. I find her actions toward military recruiters at Harvard unbecoming a civic leader, and unbefitting a nominee to the United States Supreme Court.

"Ms. Kagan is clearly a very *capable academic, and the President has the right to nominate whomever he pleases. But in replacing the only remaining veteran on the Supreme Court, how did we reach a point in this country where we are nominating someone who—unapologetically—obstructed the military at a time of war? Ms. Kagan chose to use her position of authority to impede, rather than empower, the warriors who fight, and have fallen, for our freedoms." ~ Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom

*The question is, capable of what? More here.


msimons said...

I'm not worried we are trading a liberal for a liberal.

Randy Wade said...

You do realize that Ms. Kagan did not restrict the recruiters, she just adjusted their accessability on campus and that the students could have the same access to them as prior to the adjustment.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, Randy, that is not true. That's pure falsehood. She did restrict.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

"the recent release of 850 pages of Defense Department documents tells a different story."

"Polite and patient military recruiters were told by Harvard officials to call back later. They received this response again, and again, for weeks until the recruiting season had ended."

“The Army was stonewalled at Harvard. Phone calls and emails went unanswered,” an Army recruiter said in a March 2005 memo. “The [career services director] refused to inform students that we were coming to recruit and the [career services director] refused to collect resumes or provide any other assistance.”

"By the fall of 2005, Kagan’s policy switch was overruled by the president of Harvard University after the Pentagon threatened to cut off funding to Harvard for its ongoing violation of the Solomon Amendment."

Simply regurgitating the White House's talking points won't cut it here. I'm a little better informed than that.