20 August 2010

41 Years Ago Today - 31" Of Rain In Nelson County

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Much of my family hails from Nelson County - the McGanns, Campbells, and Coffeys. I was 11 years old when Hurricane Camille tore through Virginia 41 years ago today. Nelson was the worst hit. Some areas of the county recorded 31 inches of rain. The local Sheriff said that the rain was falling so hard the he could not breathe without sheltering his nose with his hand. Nelson's deaths totaled more than 1% of the county's population. Some bodies were never found. The story would make a great movie.


msimons said...

I was a very little boy when ya'll got hit by Camille. Those Canes sure do tear up lots of stuff.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Camille was the gauge around here until Katrina. I don't know how many people in Mississippi were killed because they had ridden out Camille. They didn't think one could be worse.

I will never forget the desolation along the coast. I was in there very early after the storm. The pictures on the news cannot accurately portray what took place.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Lawrence. Those types of storms are rare for our area. Nothing since then has even come close. Hugo and Fran dumped a lot of rain and blew down some trees, but nothing like Camille.