07 August 2010

The Elite vs. The People

"Who decides in America? The people, as the books claim? Or the elite, as common practice seems to have it? And so the rage. And soon the fire . . . the Democratic Party has essentially been hijacked by an educated, an over-educated elite group who basically don't care about the people who constitute the Democrat Party. " ~ Democrat Consultant & Gadfly, Pat Caddell

Caddell believes that the Nation is in a "pre-revolutionary" state.

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Chaps said...

I don't think the elite have been over-educated so much as mis-educated. Ivy League schools, especially Yale and Harvard, haven't educated anyone out side of science and medicine for decades. It is all indoctrination into the "correct" mythology.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I believe you're right Chaps.

msimons said...

It is Sad the party I was brought up with has gone to the Dogs.