03 August 2010

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Earlier this spring, I purchased an item I've been coveting for quite some time - a Saddleback Leather briefcase (chestnut). It is one of the coolest items I've ever owned. I'll post some video and photos soon in my upcoming "tour of my office" special . . . sure to become a blogging classic. In the meantime, visit their website and watch the video below on converting the briefcase into a backpack. Every writer, explorer, and man of adventure should own at least one of these bags. Eat your heart out Indiana Jones.


Anonymous said...

This is really neat. I need to check it out more to see if I convince myself I really need one.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

They are quite pricey, but are what they claim to be and worth every penny.

msimons said...

On Badger and Blade Saddleback is very Highly spoken of by those who have used their products.