05 August 2010

The Food Gestapo

**Update: Local Govt. Official: Apology: "food-safety laws are aimed at adults engaged in a professional food business, not kids running lemonade stands. " [Duh.]

"A lemonade stand is a classic, iconic American kid thing to do," he said. "I don't want to be in the business of shutting that down."

"After 20 minutes, a 'lady with a clipboard' [and jackboots?] came over and asked for their license. When Fife explained they didn't have one, the woman told them they would need to leave or possibly face a $500 fine."

(For a 7-year-old with a lemonade stand.) 

"Our role is to protect the public" 

I feel safer, don't you?

Story here.


13thBama said...

You know, this should be a felony. I mean, people could get sick from home made lemonade! I am glad my government is on the lookout for this type of shenanigans.

13thBama said...

Um, the sarcasm tags did not translate into the post :(

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Sure it did. I got it.