28 August 2010

Front Porch Pickin' #11

As always, bringing you the best in Southern Appalachia, Bluegrass, Folk, and Gospel music . . . get your culture here. Some great video in this post too. Hat tip to A Continuous Lean. Some of these roads look awful familiar.

Ghosts in the Hollow from Jim Lo Scalzo on Vimeo.


R. Wade said...

You just have to love corporate America and how they take care of the people and the land!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yeah, I know. Reminds me a lot of the Federal government.

Dick Stanley said...

It is the government that leaves it that way, not the federal but the state. Corporations are not likely to do more than required.

I didn't realize putting photographs on tombstones was so old. Learn something every day on these Intertubes.