17 August 2010

Getting It Wrong - Again

Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory, once again, falls into the increasingly crowded trap of making false assumptions which lead to incorrect conclusions. You would think someone "credentialed" and trained in research would not make this mistake so often. In a recent post Kevin makes the following claim:

[Note: I now understand why Richard Williams got so upset about my last post re: DeWitt.  He apparently sent her a complimentary copy of his book, which is now being advertised on the site.]

Well, not exactly. If Kevin would simply read my original post, and refrain from assigning motives, he would see that the reason I--in his words--"got so upset", was actually because he criticized a book he'd not read. In fact, a book that's not even been published. Perhaps I live in a parallel universe but, in my world, that defies reason and common sense. I was not alone in that criticism. Kevin's recent post suggests a quid pro quo between Ms. DeWitt and me. Hardly. I mailed her a complimentary copy of my book simply because I thought she would enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less. As a fellow believer, the subject matter of my book is germane to some of the commentary on her website; particularly her comments regarding slavery, Christianity, and forgiveness. There was no request she "advertise" the book, or even mention it on her website.

And those are the facts.


Anonymous said...


Richard, those with agendas cannot comprehend that someone would do something without first calculating potential gain.

Kevin said...

Hi Richard,

I included a link to this post. I certainly am not implying anything nefarious, but your point is well taken. I also placed a link in my earlier post which references the Blight editorial to your thoughtful response.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Kevin. Thanks for the comment and for the link, I appreciate it.

Michael Bradley said...

I have looked at the web page for "Entangled in Freedom" and would like to visit the page of Ann DeWitt but I cannot find her blog. Can you post a link?

Michael Bradley said...

Please disregard my previous post. I found the web site.

Michael Bradley said...

After looking at Black Confederate Soldiers, Ann DeWitt's web site I went to Levin's site to read the comments about it. One of the comments said the books listed by DeWitt did not have authors with proper academic credentials. One of the authors is Kelly Barrow and he has the same credentials as Mr. Levin--a M.A. in history, Barrow also teaches high school.