11 August 2010

Have Some Kleenex Handy


Chaps said...

Most Americans, while generally supportive of our troops, have no real idea of the sacrifices made on their behalf. Unit patches on some of these folks tell me their families dealt with fear every day because their loved one was in a bad place. How ironic to see this shortly after reading an article by Lawrence Korb saying we need to cut benefits for servicemembers and veterans because they cost too much. He forgets, or doesn't care, how much has already been paid by them.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Chaps, thanks for the comment. I never had the privilege of serving in the Armed Forces, though my oldest son served 4 years in the Navy. However, being a father and grandfather, I can certainly relate to the sacrifice of being away from your children. The tearful and happy scenes of these soldiers being reunited with their kids was almost too much. I love this video.