31 August 2010

An Interview With Gary Casteel - "The Dreamer"

Fellow SCV member and friend, Gary Casteel is interviewed in this 2 part video. In the interview, Gary discusses his family history and how a "dumb hillbilly out of the mountains" came to be a sculptor (and I would add a world-renowned sculptor). The interview is actually a few years old. Gary, his wife Leslie, and their daughter no longer live in Lexington - they moved to Gettysburg late last year. One of the most interesting parts of the interview is Gary telling of a prophecy told to him by his Choctaw Indian grandmother. He also shares some of the interesting backstory to his Gettysburg piece of Longstreet. Gary is a talented and fascinating individual.

Part 2 explains the molding part of the sculpting process and discusses the Jefferson Davis - Jim Limber statue Gary did a couple of years ago. That piece was recently dedicated at Beauvoir in Mississippi.


Dick Stanley said...

Thanks for those videos. I'll have to concede that he knows what he's doing, though, to me, Longstreet looks too big for that horse.

It does look better than DeLue's Barksdale's Brigade monument, whose hands and feet I think look grotesque, they're so big.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're welcome.

David Rhoads said...

Bit of a gaffe in the narration to the first video: "He [Longstreet] was the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia."

Casteel seems like an interesting and affable guy. I was personally glad to see the Longstreet statue finally come to fruition, although I have to say I agree with Dick Stanley that the horse looks too small.