25 August 2010

Jesus & BBQ - Only In The South

Another short film documentary about Southern culture. Brought to you courtesy of Ole Miss. Y'all gotta watch this. A great story. Inspiring.


David said...

Thanks for sharing this - it was great! I love some fine BBQ and I love Jesus even more so it was a double hitter for me!

I live in the Midwest now, but I'm from Australia. I guess I am really from the "South", even if I am not truly a southerner.

Videos like this, though, make me think that more and more, being 'Southern' is a matter of attitude and heart, and not so much birthplace, although having an accent sure seems to help.

Thanks for posting. Glad I saw this AFTER supper tonight!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello David. "I guess I am really from the "South"

Yes, the DEEP South. ;o)

"being 'Southern' is a matter of attitude and heart"

Absolutely. Thanks for commenting.