03 August 2010

Mr. Cuccinelli Goes To Richmond

When Ken Cuccinelli first won a state senate seat in 2002, I began following his career, signing up to receive his email newsletter. I liked the homeschooling father of seven and his bold, but honest approach to traditional conservatism and believed he had a bright future in Virginia politics. I recall telling my son, "Watch this guy, I believe he's the real deal." Apparently, I called it right. This past weekend, The Washington Post profiled Cuccinelli and, surprisingly, the article was fair. Here are a few excerpts:

"He helped establish Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE), a student group [at UVA] that raises awareness about the issue, and designed a brochure on preventing sexual assault. Survivors confided in him. It was emotionally scalding work."

"'The university tried like hell to talk us out of it,' recalls Alexia Pittas, another leader of the demonstration, now a lawyer in Savannah. 'I can remember Ken standing next to me. Ken said, 'Lex, I'll go to jail with you. I'll go to jail for this.'" 

"The thing about Ken Cuccinelli is, there's right and there's wrong, and there's very little of a liberal gray in between," Pittas says. "If he deems something to be wrong, he will pursue it, no matter the cost." 

". . . at 42, he stands as one of the most high-profile, active attorneys general in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. His willingness to charge into the most monumental and defining issues of the day -- including health care, climate change and the nature of government itself -- has made him a conservative superman, a toast of the Tea Party movement."

"I believe right now the battle of our time is the battle of liberty against the overreach of the federal government," he says. "I wouldn't pick any other four-year period to be in this office." 

"Insisting on what he calls principle, even when it might cost him, has earned Cuccinelli a certain reputation for authenticity. It's one of the few points on which Cuccinelli's supporters and detractors agree. With Cuccinelli, they say, what you see is what you get." How refreshing.

"His priorities are God, me, the children and everything else." - Mrs. Cuccinelli

Cuccinelli once interned (and voted for) Virginia Democrat Governor Doug Wilder - the Nation's first black Governor. Cuccinelli is not your run of the mill politician. You can read the rest of the WAPO piece here.


msimons said...

God Bless that youngman!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I believe you will be hearing a lot from him over the next few years.