25 August 2010

Shelter From The Storm

Courtesy of the Unites States Marine Corps. One of my readers, Doug Hill, sent me this photo along with these comments:

"Taken on Saturday of Pakistani flood victims seeking the refuge of a Super Stallion. With such a beautiful backdrop and the vivid colors adorning this Muslim family, there sits a patient, gigantic, metallic grasshopper of a war machine that could hardly be uglier, bearing the name of arguably America's toughest warriors. The Ugly American, the empirical American, imposing his might and will on the weak and the innocent around the world."

(Photo from U.S. Department of Defense website.)


Chaps said...

Not a grasshopper; Marines call it a phrog.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks for the correction Chaps.

Douglas Hill said...

I believe you refer to a CH-46 Sea Knight, and not the CH-53E.