02 August 2010

Willamsburg & The Tea Party

The Tea Party is encouraging the study of our Founding era. That is a good thing. From The Washington Post yesterday:

"They stand in the crowd listening closely as the costumed actors relive dramatic moments in the founding of our country. They clap loudly when an actor portraying Patrick Henry delivers his 'Give me liberty or give me death' speech. They cheer and hoot when Gen. George Washington surveys the troops behind the original 18th-century courthouse. And they shout out about the tyranny of our current government during scenes depicting the nation's struggle for freedom from Britain. 'General, when is it appropriate to resort to arms to fight for our liberty?' asked a tourist on a recent weekday during 'A Conversation with George Washington,' a hugely popular dialogue between actor and audience in the shaded backyard of Charlton's Coffeehouse."

I've heard both a Jefferson and a Henry impersonator at Williamsburg and they did excellent jobs of portraying these men. Their ability to stay on point and in character is uncanny and fascinating. I would highly recommend. How would you define the Founding fathers, in light of modern politics? Progressives? NO! Classical liberals? Yes. Tea Party rabble-rousers? Yes. Revolutionaries? For their time, yes. They created a unique government in world history which became very exceptional

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