28 September 2010

First Dig With TR

While on a business trip to Virginia Beach last week, I had the opportunity to take my Fisher 1266-X metal detector out for my first "official" dig. I've officially dubbed my 1266-X "TR" - short for "Trusty Rusty." So named due to what it often finds and due to the detector's age. I bought it used, but it works perfectly. I posted about this new hobby earlier here

Well, I'm hooked. Pictured here is what I dug on my first outing - exactly one dollar in change. No, no real treasure finds that will allow me to retire in comfort - yet. But over the few days we were there, I found a lot more coins - quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, all clad coins. I also found a small pair of stainless steel scissors, a small metal toy car, a silver ankle bracelet, a small cross, and a pewter ring. The most satisfying finds involved helping two separate groups of people find their lost car keys.

The performance of the Fisher 1266-X certainly lived up to its legendary reputation. Some of the finds were over 18 inches deep!

As previously noted, I plan on some Civil War relic excursions this fall. I'll post as that occurs.


msimons said...

I have to get one of those rigs. Looks like FUN!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It IS a lot of fun!

msimons said...

May be I get one for Christmas.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ye have not because you ask not.


Here's an idea. Convince family members its a great way for you to get outdoors and get some much needed exercise - which it is. Lay it on thick, put them on a guilt trip. You'll get the detector.

msimons said...

I might have to do just that!