10 September 2010

Gettysburg Casino - Guest Post

Tomorrow morning, I will be uploading a guest post by Scott Manning. Scott is a frequent commenter here and always brings something interesting to the discussion. He also hosts the website - Digital Survivors, where "you will find articles and reviews covering mostly history-related topics." Scott is currently a business analyst working for a large software company outside Philadelphia. However, his real passion is the history of warfare and he is working toward a BA in military history at the American Military University. Scott and I have exchanged a number of emails over the past few months and when this subject came up recently in the blogosphere, I asked him to submit his thoughts. He graciously obliged. I think you'll appreciate Scott's perspective. Look for it at 7 AM tomorrow morning. The title of Scott's post is: The Gettysburg Casino: How Profits May Come at the Cost of the Sacred

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