30 September 2010

Harvard Hell-Raiser

This video is a good follow up to yesterday's post. A bit broader than my specific points, but certainly germane. Professor Mansfield agrees with me on this point: ". . . they do so enjoy talking to themselves." 

"They can't help it. They see each other, live with each other, and listen to each other, and talk to each other." ~ Professor Harvey Mansfield, a.k.a "Harvard Hellraiser "

Mansfield also states, "We're much too apologetic about America." That is certainly part of the narrative - being "apologetic" about America's history - by those who reject the positive notion of American Exceptionalism.

Professor Mansfield critiques modern academia and delves into some of the differences in how more classical liberals viewed American Exceptionalism (though not specifically and only briefly; i.e., the Kennedy reference), compared to today's radical leftists/progressives. Pretty damning, yet no doubt will be dismissed as "nonsensical." That's much easier than honestly addressing the legitimate criticisms.

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