10 September 2010

NC BBQ - Just Like The King James Bible

National Geographic said the Jones boys have the best BBQ in the world. And so did one of the South's best (and one of my favorite), writers - John Shelton Reed. The Jones family  has been dishing it out since 1830. Great video, a great story, and great history. BTW, for my yankee friends, skin ain't gristle.


thatmrgguy said...

Have you tried the BBQ from The Carolina Smoke House in Cashiers, NC? It's great stuff, albiet without the history of the place you mentioned. But the Smoke House has been featured on the show, Feasting on Asphalt.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No I've not tried that. I actually prefer tomato based "sweet" BBQ over vinegar based - though I'll take either ;o)

Lawrence Underwood said...

I love barbecue. Real barbecue. There is a great variety in real barbecue: that being the wonderful gift of the hog properly prepared. Barbecue runs deeply in my family. I have grown to appreciate its diversity as a blessing from God. It may be pulled, chopped, dressed in a tomato based sauce, vinegar based, sweet, spicy, hot, but it all contains one prime ingredient: Love. It takes love to make barbecue.

I have my favourite styles, but I like it all. (My favourite comes from my back yard. :) )

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Amen Lawrence!