02 September 2010

The New Paradigm In Education:

Homeschooling and accelerated distance learning. Actually, it's not all that new. This "devolution" in education began in earnest in the 1980's. I "saw the light" in the mid-80's and finally got my wife on board in 1992.  Much of academia is still light years behind. The foundations of the institutionalized, conformist model of eduction are being chipped away at an accelerated pace. Much of the resistance continues to come from an elitist, "only us experts can do this" attitude. You see this attitude expressed in essays and in the official positions in the protectionist, money-driven teachers' unions. The experience of the young man in this video is becoming increasingly commonplace. Even so, his story is quite amazing. Homeschooled, and at age 17, he  completes his B.A. and is then heavily recruited by prestigious law schools. This will be a nice lead in to a post coming tomorrow:


John Stoudt said...

Mr. Williams:

My wife and I and going to send our daughter to a private, evangelical Christian school.

What is your opinion on Christian schools as compared to a home school education?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Not to sound flippant, but I would consider it 2nd best. Certainly, in most cases, Christan School would be much preferable to a public school. Homeschooling takes a 200% commitment from both parents to work. In some ways, it is very challenging. In others, not as difficult as you would think, especially with the internet and all the help groups available to the homeschooling community today.

I have some philosophical issues with the structural classroom method of education - whether that be in a public or private setting.

Our children attended a private Christian school for quite a few years before we decided to homeschool.

Bottom line, I would encourage you to explore homeschooling options - attend a state convention if you can. If its just not an option for you, by all means a good Christian school would be the way to go.