16 October 2010

Front Porch Pickin' #13

When my 3 youngest daughters were still at home, they used to sing in area churches, fundraisers, and at other community events. They often sang with local bluegrass favorite (and cousin), Heather Berry. I have one daughter who plays the fiddle and guitar and one who plays the mandolin. All three play the piano and they harmonize beautifully together. They've appeared on live radio and at such venues as Sweet Briar College and Lee Chapel. We have many precious memories of hauling all four of these girls in our van off to some local event or gospel sing with them singing and laughing the whole trip. Those were some very special times in our lives and we'll always treasure those memories. All of these girls, save one of my daughters, are now married with families of their own and no longer sing together (except on rare occasions). We did, however, record a number of their events and I plan to post some of those videos in the not too distant future. Below is a video which includes Heather singing with a number of well known female bluegrass vocalists. Heather is the pretty young lady on the far left of the screen, playing the autoharp. The song featured here is a tribute to Mother Maybelle Carter. The occasion is the recording of a CD (Follow Me Back To The Fold on, appropriately, Rebel Records) with the Mark Newton Band and was filmed at the Country Music Hall of Fame. As always, through our "Front Porch Pickin'" posts, Old Virginia Blog seeks to bring you the very best in Southern Appalachia bluegrass, gospel, country & folk music. Get your culture here.

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