26 October 2010

Metal Detecting Post #4

Last week, I purchased a new metal detector - a White's MXT Pro, along with extra coils for various types of detecting and soil conditions. This last Saturday, I spent about 4 hours in a couple of fields near the Battle of Piedmont here in the Shenandoah Valley. To the right is a photo of what I believe is a shell fragment from either a Parrot or Hotchkiss shell. I also found something that could be part of a fuse, an 1893 V Nickel, and several other items that I'm working on identifying. This shell fragment find was particularly important to me as my great-great grandfather, John Meredith Crutchfield, who  fought for the 60th Virginia, was wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Piedmont. Standing on that open field by myself last Saturday morning in the brilliant sunlight and digging that piece of shell out of the ground near the area my ancestor was wounded was quite an experience.

Needless to say, I've become quite passionate about this hobby and am reading and watching everything I can get my hands and eyes on.


Grizzly Groundswell said...

That must of been some moment! Through metal detecting, once you recover that target, you are not only touching history, but reliving it. What an opportunity!!

I received your email. I sent you back what I hope you will see as a great opportunity!

How do you like your Whites MXT Pro?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Chad. Yes, it is an amazing experience. I've had an old Fisher 1266X for 3 years and just started metal detecting 2 months ago. I can't believe I didn't discover this earlier. I absolutely love it.

The MXT Pro is a different animal from the Fisher and has a bit of a learning curve. But I believe I'm going to be very pleased with it once I learn the various modes, etc. The reviews I've read are, almost, 100% positive.

What are you using?

(I'll check that email and respond there.)

13thBama said...

I would love to be able to do the same in McPherson's Ridge along Wiloughby Run. My ancestor was captured there. Would love to have a minie ball that I knew was found there.

I doubt the use of a metal detector is allowed there these days.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - parks are a definite no-no. Private land, if there's any left nearby, would be worth exploring - with permission of course.