04 November 2010

Historic Election

I am extremely proud that, on election day, I had the opportunity to vote against the most radical leftist American government in modern history. This election was quite historic. *Just a few examples:

  • The turnover in the House of Representatives was the largest swing in more than 70 years.
  • Tim Scott, from South Carolina's 1st District, and Allen West, from Florida's 22nd, are the first African-American Republicans sent to Congress from their states in more than 100 years, and they're both the first black Republicans to join the House or Senate since J.C. Watts retired in 2003. Both are Tea Party favorites and both men were endorsed by Sarah Palin. (Source)
  • Republicans won smashing victories in state legislatures, capturing an outright majority of the nation’s legislative seats and the largest majority for the party since 1928.
  • Republicans will now control a majority of the South’s legislative chambers for the first time since Reconstruction.
  • The GOP took both the North Carolina Senate and North Carolina House from the Democrats, winning the Senate for the first time since 1870. The party won both houses of the Alabama Legislature from the Democrats, which will also give the Republicans control there for the first time since Reconstruction. In Oklahoma, Republicans retained their control of the Legislature, which, coupled with their win in the governor’s race, will give the GOP complete control of state government for the first time ever. In Tennessee the story was similar: Republicans won the governorship and solidified their control of the Legislature, putting them fully in charge of the state for the first time since Reconstruction.
But the South was not the only place where history was made on Tuesday:
No reversal was as dramatic as the one in New Hampshire. Democrats' shocking wins there in 2006 looked at the time like the culmination of a generations-long realignment away from the Republicans in the Northeast. That year, the Democrats won every major office in the state. The realignment lasted only four years, as Republicans won back both houses of the legislature, making a net gain of 100 or more seats in the state's 400-member House of Representatives. Republicans also picked up the Montana House, both houses of the Minnesota Legislature and both houses of the Maine Legislature. Maine joined Wisconsin in going from complete Democratic control of state government, including the legislature and the governorship, to complete Republican control. The hotly contested New York Senate remains up in the air, as do legislative chambers in Colorado, Washington and Oregon . . . From 1956 to 2002 Democrats controlled a majority of the nation's legislative seats. Democrats quickly regained their majorities whenever they lost them. But now Republicans will have their most clear-cut advantage since before the Great Depression. *(Source)
In the months leading up to this most historic shift of power, the ruling class and their sycophants in the old media had their laughs and juvenile level bathroom jokes about the "Tea Party." Who's laughing now?


Chaps said...

The wins in State legislatures are truly important due to upcoming redistricting. This is a great first step toward recovering our Constitutional Republic. On to 2012!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, that is huge. I believe it was James Carville, who said right after the election of 2008, that the Progressives/Democrats had a lock on a governing majority for at least the next 40 years. He only missed it by 38.

The redistricting could actually provide the Republicans w/a lock for the next 10 years though nothing in politics is a guarantee. This is especially true if the revert to their ruling class mentality.

Arthur B. Breedlove said...

I find the election results encouraging, but maintain a wait and see attitude as it pertains to Republicans. I'm more of a old right/paleocon type anyway, so I don't share many of the same assumptions that the mainstream Republicans do. We have been down this road many times before, and I am old enough to remember more than a few letdowns.

Understand, I am not trying to be a killjoy here, but lets face it... the left has largely trounced us on social issues. It can't just be about tax cuts. I'm speaking to people on the right here; for those of you on the left, just disregard.


"This is a great first step toward recovering our Constitutional Republic."

I couldn't agree more. Sign me up for that. The only caveat that I see is that not enough Americans realize it has been lost.

Mr Williams:

"the ruling class and their sycophants in the old media had their laughs and juvenile level bathroom jokes about the "Tea Party." Who's laughing now?"

It would have been interesting to see if a FAR left movement had emerged such as a "Green party", just to see the media reaction. No doubt they would have been sympathetic, as the media ALWAYS romanticizes the left when they take to the streets in protest.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Arthur - Oh, I'm under no illusion that the Repubs don't have their share of fools too. But I do believe we've got some true believers in this class - Paul, Toomey, the lady from South Dakota, Allen West, Marco Rubio and many others. And the Tea Party energy, along w/the alternative media, is a whole new paradigm. We shall see, we shall see. We also have actuarial realities on our side in regards to economics. 2 + 2 still equals 4, no matter how many academics and elitists insist it equals 5.

msimons said...

This was a great day in America. The People got organized and Voted the rascals out!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

We certainly did. Let's just hope and pray we don't have a new bunch of rascals. ;o)

Dick Stanley said...

You can bet some of them are rascals. But if we vote them out every two years, they won't have much time to steal.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...