09 November 2010

Homeschooling's Growing Influence & The Recent Election

A recent post at The American Thinker, written by a homeschooled student, provides readers with some excellent insight as to how homeschooled students are altering the political landscape of America:

Public educators and the media can scoff all they want, but one thing is undeniable -- home-educated youth are dramatically changing America's political landscape. For years liberals have sought to contain the home-school movement by harassing families and banning their children from publicly funded athletic programs and other extracurricular activities. It hasn't worked. On the contrary, these discriminatory practices have created a generation of motivated activists.
To complement this writer's point, all 6 of my children are politically conservative, though one has a noticeable libertarian streak in him. Of those 6 children, 4 of them are currently homeschooling their children. I suspect that most of my 14 (soon to be 15) grandchildren will receive much of their education via homeschooling. When my children were still at home, we made an annual trip to Richmond with other homeschoolers and lobbied our legislators about issues important to homeschoolers. Virginia has one of the friendliest homeschooling statutes (we chose the religious exemption option) in the country, thanks in no small measure to the Home School Legal Defense Association which is headquartered in Virginia, as well as the lobbying efforts of homeschooling families.  

Due to the inherent spirit of innovation which springs from liberty and parents' natural motivation to love and give their best for their children, homeschooling continues to be on the cutting edge of education options in the United States - it is light years ahead of institutionalized learning methods. I only see its popularity growing. It will be interesting to see how its political influence develops in the coming years.

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