18 November 2010

Metal Detecting Post #12

Old Virginia Diggers ~ Episode One

(Yes, I realize I got the copyright date wrong, that recording artists no longer make "albums" and my email address spacing is messed up. This was my first time using Windows Movie Maker, so take it easy on me!)

*Update: Thanks to a reader for pointing our a deficiency in this post. Here is a brief description of the items recovered: A Hotchkiss shell fragment, an artillery sabot, a Civil War period button, a group of relics with a "chewed bullet" and a military equipment rivet, and a Hotchkiss percussion fuse in almost perfect condition.


13thBama said...

Nice work sir! My only critique is that I would have liked a description of each of the finds. I could only guess what they were.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey 13B - thanks for the constructive criticism. I do appreciate it. Yes, I know that is a problem. However, if you'll go to the YouTube site, I do give a description of most of the items. We're going back out tomorrow, Lord willin' and hope to actually have some rolling film to upload of live digs/finds. The next episode will be much better!

13thBama said...

I did not realize you had a YouTube page.

The Hotchkiss fuse is intriguing. Do you think it was a "drop" or do you feel the shell exploded away from it, leaving it pristine?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - I'm not sure and am not knowledgeable enough to respond. I did find a Hotchkiss fragment in the vicinity.