11 November 2010

Veterans Day - Thank You

My Grandfather, Fred S. Busic, somewhere in North Africa during  WWII. He built this vehicle from spare parts gathered on the base.


13thBama said...

Was your grandfather a General Motors designer? :)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

He was a Ford man, all the way! Owned a '54 T-Bird and bought a new Ford every 6-7 years. Never one w/AC though.

This "jeep" was made of some old Indian MC spare parts. He could make just about anything. After the war, he worked 40+ years as a master machinist for DuPont. I sure miss him.

13thBama said...

I found out not long ago that my Grandfather traveled to Canada and worked in the Walkersville Ford Plant. It's kinda hard for me not to be a Ford fan now :). Own a truck and a car made by them.