22 November 2010

What I'm Reading


The Warrior said...

Looks like a good one...I think I saw an earlier edition one time? Helping you with your relic hunting?

Douglas Hill said...

That looks like an informative, entertaining read and reference tool; very handy to go with your new profession. ;^)

Warman's apparently doesn't make a Rev War guide, but if you're in the market for one, and if links are permitted on this blog I don't think you can beat this:


It's "dated" (published in 1975) but from what I gather, still considered to be among the very best collector's guides. My copy doesn't sit on a bookshelf, but rather on the coffee table; it's too intriguing and entertaining to be put away. It doesn't have any references to value of collectibles, but that's fine by me since I consider them to be "priceless".

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"W" - yes, to help identify finds.

Doug - "passion", not "profession."

Douglas Hill said...

Yes, my mistake. I erred in that what I meant to address was your professional passion!