20 December 2010

American Exceptionalism Is Not A Myth

There was a time in America when young people were taught that being #1 was a good thing, and that anyone could grow up to be president, which is the #1 position of power in the world.  Now America is led by a president who bows down to the world and apologizes for America's power, while criticizing powerful and successful Americans at home, scorning them as "fat cats," and saying that "at a certain point, you've made enough money."
American Exceptionalism is a frequent topic here as well as a frequent target by the left. Traditionalists affirm, the left attacks the affirmation. We have the liars, the deniers, the enemies - all determined, like our incredibly shrinking President, to whittle America down to size. While claiming to be "neutral" about the topic of AE, these self-loathing globalists, who seem to always find virtue in dictators and oppressive regimes, find very little to praise about America prior to the 1960's. 

You can read more of the piece quoted above here at the American Thinker.

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msimons said...

We are number 1 and I have and will always believe it and that is a fact I was taught and have taught my child.