09 December 2010

Public High School Hosts Communist Awards Ceremony

More anecdotal evidence:

“Not that long ago Americans openly rejected socialism and communism,” Jim Hoft writes. “Now the communists are holding awards ceremonies and concerts in public high schools and openly honoring state labor leaders.”

My grandfathers are spinning in their graves. They risked their lives to fight communists. Now we invite them into our schools. Hat tip to The Blaze


13thBama said...

Lord, come quickly!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I share your sentiments.

Michael Lynch said...

What is the school's policy on hosting events, I wonder? Do they commonly allow groups to rent the auditorium? In other words, was this a CPUSA-sponsored event that just happened to be held at the handiest local venue, or was the event somehow associated with the school?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Michael - I don't know and it makes no difference to me. To accommodate a group that promotes an ideology which is responsible for 150 million deaths is inexcusable.


Have we actually sunk that low?