12 January 2011

Fetishism or Perversion? Choose Wisely

With all the hand-wringing from the leftists concerned over the "fetish" the new Congress (and by extension, their supporters) has with the Constitution (you know, the document they all swore an oath to uphold), the American people seem to still prefer the fetish majority to the previous Constitution perverting majority. While nothing to write home about, Congressional approval is now at 20%, up from Queen Pelosi's 13%. A 35% upward bump - at least its headed in the right direction. Maybe the American people also have a fetish for the Constitution. As usual, the left is out of step with most Americans.

It's amazing to read and listen to pseudo-historians criticize this renewed interest in our founding document. What are they afraid of? Or, do these PH's think that only they are qualified to read and interpret our Constitution? Elitism on display.

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