14 January 2011

Happy Lee-Jackson Day!

Main Street - Lexington, Virginia 2011 with Virginia Military Institute in the background.
Lee-Jackson Day is a celebration of the lives of two great heroes and most noteworthy citizens of Lexington, Virginia.  Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson were both born near this date which became a longstanding state holiday across the South.  While neither man was born here, both spent the final years of their lives as residents of Lexington.  'Stonewall' Jackson arrived here prior to the War Between the States and became an integral part of the community as a church leader and professor at the Virginia Military Institute.  Robert E. Lee arrived in Lexington following the war and rescued a destitute college that was later renamed Washington and Lee in his honor.  Both men are buried here which makes the town a fitting venue to commemorate their lives.  We welcome you to join us as we honor not only their military genius, but their personal lives, faith, and character.  We also encourage you to walk the streets and explore the town upon which both men left their permanent mark and legacy.

2011 Event

Kenny G. Rowlette, Associate Professor of English at Liberty University has been selected as our featured speaker for the 2011 Memorial Services to be held January 15th.   Professor Rowlette is the Director of the National Civil War Chaplains Research Center and Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia and the Co-Chair of the Liberty University Civil War Seminar.  For additional information about our speaker please Click Here.

*Some time next week, I'll post some comments as to why fewer people are celebrating Lee-Jackson Day. It's not really what some would have you think. As a tease, how many people still celebrate Washington's birthday? Lincoln's birthday? 

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Michael Bradley said...

What a wonderful sight. It is good that Lexington is recognizing the importance of its Civil War history.

As to the number of celebrations for Lee-Jackson's birthdays, I know of a dozen here in Tennessee and several more in adjacent areas of Alabama.