13 January 2011

Why The Government Cannot Possibly Control The Flow Of Information

This is a bit off topic for this blog but, on the other hand, not so much. The internet and advances in communication technology have given abilities and powers, which once only belonged to centralized media conglomerates like newspapers and TV networks, to a single blogger - a person sitting in his basement with a $400 laptop and a $20 per month internet connection. The transformation is quite breathtaking. 

During high school, I worked for my local newspaper. The room where the presses were located took up over 1000 square feet and required a 2 story structure to house them. I can, for all practical purposes, accomplish what those presses accomplished in a 4 x 4 closet. All the blather you are now hearing coming from the idiots in Congress about controlling the internet, talk radio and restricting free speech is just that - blather. Oh sure, they might have some short term "success" in their heavy-handed, thuggish, statist efforts, but any entity that thinks it can control the tsunami of information technology headed our way is either embarrassingly ignorant or so egocentric as to be living in a parallel universe. Certainly, there are dangers and pitfalls ahead - and for those of you who don't believe in God, I'm not sure how you sleep at night. I don't agree with everything that the speaker in this video says (and he is leaving God out of his computations), but this video is, nonetheless, well worth your while to watch. You'll understand why after you view it.

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