24 February 2011

America's Favorite President

On Reagan, "the amiable dunce" -

"Yeah, right . . . Ronald Reagan only performed successfully in six different careers: radio sportscaster, movie actor, trade union president, corporate spokesman, two-term governor and two-term president of the United States. Lucky for him he wasn't hampered by Jimmy Carter's intelligence!" ~ Edmund Morris

And now, we're seeing a rerun of Carter's presidency (on steroids).


from NC said...

Something does not compute in the modern GOP. Any candidate running on Reagan's presidental platform and record today would be lauged off the stage of the first primary debate as a liberal-sympathizing appeaser.

The GOP today loves the mythologized Reagan. That Reagan never raised taxes; nope not once. He never compromised with good ol' Tip and the Dems. Never. Dems are evil and want nothing but to destroy America, so obviously Reagan would not work with Tip. He never said that while he hated the Great Society he loved the New Deal. Nope, it's been expunged from the record.

What happened to my party, Rich? I didn't leave it; it left me.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Reagan was a masterful politician as well as a principled conservative. He dealt w/the political realities of his circumstances. He was not perfect. You seem to have some notion that purity in implementation of political and philosophical principle is realistically possible in every circumstance. If that's what you're looking for, good luck. I don't believe in Utopia.

The "party" (establishment) never embraced Reagan. The Republican establishment is as much a part of the ruling class as the Dems - just in slow motion. The grassroots - folks like the Tea Party which you also apparently don't trust - are the heart of conservatism in American politics.

Today's Democrat Party has been taken over by Progressives and Socialists and they do, in fact, want to destroy America as we know it. Either that or they are the most incompetent people on the planet.

from NC said...

It's the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. As a writer, do you use nouns to modify nouns in any other writing? The grammar of that recently popular pejorative goes from my ears to my nerves like nails on a blackboard. I doubt if recalling the grammar of a young child was the intended effect of the person in the GOP who first came up with that term.

"You seem to have some notion that purity in implementation of political and philosophical principle is realistically possible in every circumstance."

Perhaps I should put a finer point on it. I strongly approve of the real Reagan and strongly disapprove of the current GOP mythologized Reagan. I would never vote for the mythologized Reagan, but I did vote for the real Reagan. I'm not saying that the things the GOP expunges from his record were bad at all, far from it. I believe Reagan's willing to compromise, to adopt and improve ideas from the opposition, to work within the art of the possible, and to genuinely like the opposition made him a great president. That last point bears repeating. Reagan genuinely liked his opposition. He poked fun at them. He ran roughshod over them when he could, but he never stopped liking them. To even suggest liking the opposition today is anathema, and I dispise that way of thinking.

I genuinely hope the GOP returns to me. I've got an "I" on my card, but to reiterate, I feel that I didn't leave the GOP. It left me.

The GOP is going to need a lot more of us "I"'s going forward, but they are more interested in the short term benefit of firing up the base.

Look at the demographics and how they are changing. The GOP can do fine in low turnout backlash elections, but it's not sustainable.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

The Democrat Party is not the same organization it was in the 1980's. They are now openly embracing communists and socialists. My parents are Democrats - they could not stand Reagan - and they are quite disillusioned at what they see today.

While there are still some fine folks aligned with the Democrat Party, it can be a challenge to "like" someone who is bent on destroying the principles which made America the exceptional country it is.