18 February 2011

Chestnut Ridge/Turner Ashby Update

Doug Hill sent me another angle of what's been done at the Turner Ashby/Chestnut Ridge site . . . 

Right of center of the image is where Ashby's monument stands, I think everything to the right of the power line cut is gone, and everything to the left where the horizon levels out. This was taken [June 2010] looking north from the Food Lion parking lot across Port Republic Road. They've cut into the ridge big-time to level the land.
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Clint said...

Aaahhhhh, sweet progress. Too bad the battlefields that defined our nation are disappearing along with our core beliefs.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

A disregard for (or perversion of) our past.

Douglas Hill said...

Rick and all,

The location where this image was taken can be seen in the last image of your previous post (taken this past Wednesday), that being the parking lot to the right of center in the distance. Above and to the left of this parking lot, seen again in that last image, is the rising ground where Preston Chew's battery added to the discomfiture of the bluecoats on Chestnut Ridge. That historic ground has long been occupied by apartment dwellers.

Sadly to the detriment of the Southern Cause, as John Pelham died without his artillery, so Ashby died without his cavalry, leading infantry; needlessly one might say. Something in the Southern spirit of both would not permit them to stay out of the fray.