17 February 2011

Education & Progressive Ideology

Just more anecdotal evidence. Isn't calling in sick when you're not, lying? What does that teach children? Move along, nothing to see here.

And more for your viewing pleasure . . .

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commodoreperry said...

How about having to explain calling in sick, but then appearing in public to protest, and the thing you wanted in the protest was proper treatment as an employee, but you called in sick to get out of work so you could protest so you could work. Hopefully children are smart enough to figure out how ridiculous that is, but I'm not encouraged by the mindlessness shown in the videos; even though teachers should not have brought their students, where were the parents to teach their children to think for themselves in the first place? Why don't the students ask questions and decide whether they agree or disagree with the protests? How come they seem not even like indoctrinated lemmings of the Left but more like mindless idiots in general?