18 February 2011

JMU & Battlefield Preservation

I would like to think that an academic institution like James Madison University would be a bit more concerned with historic preservation of a Civil War site than what is represented by these photos and what I've heard. I'm not sure what, if anything could have been done, but this just seems like a callous disregard for the significance of this Civil War site.

Chestnut Ridge Marker - 2008

Chestnut Ridge Marker - 2010    

Chestnut Ridge View - 2008

Chestnut Ridge View 2010 

Friend and fellow SCV member, Douglas Hill noted in an email to me:

The remaining little plot of Chestnut Ridge owned by the UDC is now an island surrounded by what is now destroyed/removed battlefield. It was the tip of a peninsula of woods, but that peninsula too is forever gone.
The construction seen in the background is that involving a new athletic field for JMU. Perhaps the marker piece containing the text was removed to protect from blasting, I don't know. I don't want to pass judgment here, maybe some of my readers can shed some light on this. More here.

The older photos were borrowed from this web page - please see for credits. The present day photos were taken recently by Douglas Hill.


Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,
For shame Virginia! The state should be preserved under glass !
On the bright side, Carpetbag Rule is over as Civil War Memory moves to the Bay State.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Dave. Just a skirmish, but still, it does seem like a loss to me. Kevin and Boston - definitely a match made in heaven. Divine Providence? ;o)

I wish him the best.

Scott Manning said...

That's a shame. I have come across this problem with several "smaller" battles that are not managed by the NPS. Not only is it tough to find the site, but when you get there, it's very disappointing.

BorderRuffian said...

"On the bright side, Carpetbag Rule is over as Civil War Memory moves to the Bay State."

...for Southern Rights, Hurrah!

13thBama said...

As recently as last summer, Wolf's Crag, the home of Turner Ashby, was for sale. It seems his memory is not being cared for by Virginia. Bad stewardship!

Kevin said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the kind words. I am truly going to miss living in Virginia. I've really grown attached to the people, the history, and the natural beauty.

You are always welcome to visit. :)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I break out in hives if I travel any further North than Winchester.