26 February 2011

A Regional Party

A recent Gallup poll, once again proves that the left and the experts are so often wrong in their analysis of events--both past and recent. After the last election, we heard that the Republican Party was in danger of becoming a "regional power." Uh-huh. Actually, it's the Democrat (Progressive) Party that's in danger of becoming a regional party - in the Northeast and the left coast. 

The top 10 rankings make clear that conservative identification is much more common than liberal identification, with each of the top 10 conservative states at or above 45% identification and only the District of Columbia exceeding 31% liberal identification. In the nation as a whole, Americans are about twice as likely to identify as conservative as they are to identify as liberal, a pattern that has persisted for many years. Americans are also more likely to say they are conservative than moderate.

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from NC said...

The GOP won't be a regional party because the country is too mobile now for that. For the same reason, they have to stop taking the South for granted.

When I told my highly GOP parents that Obama was going to win both VA and NC they laughed. When I asked them if they had to specify sweet or unsweet tea in restaurants when visiting me in NC, they stopped laughing.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Unsweet tea becomes sweet after I order it by adding Splenda. By watching my sugar intake, Southerners can eat more fried stuff. Don't panic, it's purely strategic NC. ;o)

Chaps said...

Time was, when you went south of the Rappahannock line, you got sweet tea without asking.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Chaps - and grits too! Back in the '60's when we'd go to Myrtle Beach or Jekyll Island, my Dad used to tell me they'd put me in jail if I didn't eat my grits. ;o)