25 February 2011

What Amateur Historians Can Accomplish

John Huffer grew up in the same neighborhood where I spent many youthful days staying with my grandparents - the Tree Streets of Waynesboro. His contribution to local history in collecting and cataloguing artifacts (Native American as well as Civil War) cannot be underestimated. Not bad for an "amateur" historian.

When John Huffer was eight years old, his father showed him a small collection of arrowheads kept in a cigar box. Since then, Huffer has spent decades searching for arrowheads and Native American artifacts after rain showers in muddied grounds around Waynesboro . . . “People here like John go out and do these things that we never hear about much,” said Councilman Mike Harris. “They go out and build an exhibit like this to showcase. This community has a lot of people like that who are unsung heroes, doing great things that we don’t even know about.” A Waynesboro native, Huffer grew up in the Tree Streets on Pine Avenue.

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Lindsay Horne said...

I love this post - a true tribute to those historians out there who contribute so much, but get little recognition. My grandfather was much like this, and I am thankful for his efforts. He helped foster a love of history in me, for sure.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Mr.Huffer is a treasure. My grandfather, though not a historian to the extent Mr. Huffer is, also collected "stuff." Grandpas are a wealth of knowledge, for sure.