03 March 2011

Lookin' For A Partner

Business, that is. (Sorry ladies, I'm already spoken for.)

I'm currently looking for someone to partner with for a new online business venture.

To qualify, you must:

*Have a proven track record as a writer.
*Have at least some gray (naturally) hair.
*Possess one of the following:
     1. A thorough working knowledge of Wordpress and site design.
     2. Two grand with which you're willing to part.
*Be able to recall life before 7-11's.
*Be a fan of The Andy Griffith Show
*Know how to drive a vehicle with a straight drive transmission.
*Have, at one time in your life, owned a pick up truck.
*Have a deep appreciation for American ingenuity and quality.
*Possess a distaste for most popular culture.
*Love America and Americana.
*Know the difference between a cow and a heifer and a bull and a steer.
*Be a traditionalist (rather obvious at this point, is it not?)

To further qualify, you must not:

*Possess a Madonna CD or like her music.
*Have ever owned a Prius.
*Have ever owned a pair of speedos.
*Believe the world owes you anything.
*Be infected with political correctness.
*Be ashamed of America's history.
*Think we are wiser than those who have gone before us.
*Drink, drive, or wear anything pink.

There are additional qualifications, but these will do for now.

Interested? Send an email to: stonewallbook_at_yahoo_dot_com with "venture" in the subject line.


13thBama said...

Sounds interesting but unfortunately my time and money are short these days.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - tell the truth. You own a pair of speedos.

Susan Hathaway said...

Dang it! I was ok until the very last one! Good luck...sounds intriguing!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Susan - nothing personal. My wife's favorite color is pink. ;o)

13thBama said...

I've owned Speedo goggles, but never the swim wear. Too self conscious to wear something like that lol