30 March 2011

Metal Detecting Post #23 - Off To Culpeper

Packed & Ready For Action

I'm participating in an organized Civil War relic hunt near Culpeper, Virginia from Wednesday evening 30 March, through  Saturday 1 April. I should have lots of interesting photos, videos, and posts related to this event once I return.

Also, I'm about to bust at the seams wanting to share news about another site that I've been granted permission to metal detect. It is in an area (on private property of course), that is associated with one of the most important and well known figures in the Confederacy. Hush, hush for now . . . but soon, soon . . .

Watch for an interesting series of videos that will post on Friday morning. The video will be about a leather coin purse that was discovered on a similar relic hunt near Culpeper two years ago. The purse is believed to have belonged to a Confederate officer.


13thBama said...

Will you be visiting Kelly's Ford where Pelham fell, by chance? Great story of a young man from Alabama!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, we did not make it there, but did make a point to ride by the home where the gallant Pelham breathed his last.