23 March 2011

New Sesquicentennial Site

Readers may want to check out this new Civil War Sesquicentennial website which features a weekly podcast series. According to an email I received . . .

The site was created by Dr. Chuck Ross and Dr. David Coles at Longwood University in Virginia, and will continue to be populated throughout the sesquicentennial commemoration until 2015 as a joint effort between the faculty and students of the college. Comments and discussion are welcome, and overall it’s an informative and engaging site for both Civil War enthusiasts and the general public alike.  
 Upcoming posts:

  • The Civil War In 3D
  • Failing Academia 
  • A review of Keith Gibson's most recent book about Virginia Military Institute.
  • News about my next book.


Lindsay Horne said...

Thanks for the site recommendation - already added it to the list of blogs I am following.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're welcome Lindsay.