20 March 2011

Sweet Teas & Blue Seas

After an eight day business/pleasure trip and vacation through four Southern states, the British West Indies, and Mexico, I've returned to the beloved home of my ancestors, Old Virginia - just in time for spring! Our trip South included some time in South Carolina's Low Country and my favorite Southern town, Charleston. I am now red, rested, and ready for the busy spring season. Lots of posts and news upon which to catch up.

Posts will, however, still be a bit sparse as I prepare to leave town for Liberty's annual Civil War seminar and then off the following week for a three-day Civil War relic hunt near Culpepper, Virginia. I do hope to post some additional follow up responses to more Tea Party criticisms, some news about my next book project, and some information about some recent metal detecting/relic hunting excursions and recoveries. 
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Michael Aubrecht said...

Welcome back Richard. Glad to hear you had a great trip. Have fun at Liberty. I'm looking forward to particpatining in next year's seminar. Be sure to take some photos to share.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Michael. I'll only be able to make the Friday evening supper this year - granddaughter's birthday party to attend on Saturday.